· Fill in the application form to the BOI (Investment Committee) and confirm the progress situation
· Application for foreign residence permit and work permit acquisition
· Application for land acquisition
· Apply for master list of machinery and equipment to be used for production
· Maximum stock of imported materials / Application for Master List of Machinery Equipment
 Application for systematization of planned production products
· Application for tax exemption of machinery and materials
· Application for processing of machinery equipment amortization and materials, scrap

· Change of production capacity and application of production process change
· Application for refund of machinery and change of production place of materials
· Applying for any licensing approval due to actual operation
· Application for cancellation or termination of B0I project



· Responding to problems in on-site inspection at customs
· Response to customs inspection after import
· Validation of legitimacy of export acquisition
· Verification of validity of overseas deposit
· Problem solving at import / export
· Correction of related type mistakes etc in import / export
· Discovery of export and import documents in the past 10 years



Human Resources

· Hosting the B0I seminar
· Hosting seminars on customs
· Correspondence in three languages (English, Thai, Japanese)
· Training on B0I and Customs within the company



· Special import permission for chemicals
· Special import permit of dangerous goods
· Special import permit of raw materials equivalent to munitions


· Work permit (WP) acquisition service (BOI / Non-BOI)
· VISA acquisition service (BOI / Non-BOI)
· Solving labor disputes
· Employee restructuring accompanying small factory boxes
· Extension procedure for visa (Visa) / Procedure for 90 day report



· Accounting processing agent (BOI / Non-BOI)
· Tax problem solving in BOI

Contact (Japanese) 
Mr.Hiroki Seki

  関  大樹 
Mobile : 098-248-9978
E-mail : seki.isix@gmail.com